TapTalk / JW Outline Tablet Public Speaking Aid

Create your speaking outline directly on your tablet with the newly added editing tools (included in JW Outline 1.1), or create your outlines with a text editor on any other device, such as a PC or laptop. Then use your own tablet-prompter to deliver your presentations, talks, or just practice. Both apps include a count-down and elapsed-time clock to help you stay within your allotted time. The current

Nobody likes it when a meeting or presentation runs late – or worse – seems disorganized. Professional speakers use paper outlines and stopwatches to stay on track. Now you can have the professional edge by using TapTalk.

Download the sample/quick-start tutorial here: http://www.clicsys.com/taptalk/Tutorial.txt

When the above file opens in your browser, do a File > Save As> to save it to your tablet or computer. Then save it or transfer it to your tablet, where you can view the instructions with the Outline app. We suggest you save to the TalkOutlines folder which is created the first time you run the app. In any case, you’ll need to remember where you saved it to in order to use Taptalk.

This file is an actual outline which provides complete instructions for using Taptalk 7 JWOutline, including how to prepare your outline with your tablet or computer; how to save and load your outline files; how to use the Taptalk screen; how to use the Taptalk timer.

For additional support, feel free to email support@clicsys.com with your questions.


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